Ultra Baked Self Tanning Mousse

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Baked Self Tanning Mousse is a violet-base lightweight self tan mousse that develops into a deep ultra dark Mediterranean inspired tan. Ideal for those with yellow skin undertones or those who simply want a deep, ultra dark exotic tan.How to Prepare for Self Tanning: 

- Shave/ Wax and Exfoliate well 24-48 hours before applying 

- Have Manicures/ Pedicures done ahead of time 

- Shower in warm (not extremely hot) water an hour or more before applying to ensure pores are closed before application 

- Apply to clean base (no makeup, body lotions (besides barrier creams), no deodorant, Perfumes or sprays). 

- You will "bake" in this self tanning mousse for 6-8 hours after application.  


How to Maintain your new tan: 

- After 6-8 hours 

- Avoid deodorants that contain aluminum to avoid underarm discoloration

- Avoid Dove products as they will strip your tan quickly

- For your first rinse do not use any soap

- Pat dry 

- After your tan has completely processed (12-24 hours) you should keep your skin hydrated with lotion