All About Eyelash Extensions

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Are you tired of mascara? Or perhaps spent way too much time and money on falsies that just won't stick right?

What if I told you that you can wake up with long, full, luscious lashes every single day, with zero effort!

Eyelash Extensions make the morning routine effortless and can be completely custom to you! This will tell you everything you need to know as a beginner client to the lash world!

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a semi permanent lash service that accentuates your natural eye shape and facial features while elongating the appearance of the natural lashes. A lash extension is made of synthetic fibers. Each one extension is applied to a single isolated natural lash by using a professional adhesive to bond them together. The extension can only be applied to an existing natural lash and does not come in contact with the skin.

The treatment is painless and relaxing, you may even fall asleep during your appointment.

When you open your eyes, the extensions should feel so lightweight, almost as if they aren't even there.


What kind of lash sets are there?

There are a range of different styles to choose from, each can be specifically modified for your natural lash health and eye features.


Classics -  The most natural type of lashes are Classics. A Classic lash is an individual extension applied to 1 natural lash. It is a great option for those who are looking for a small enhancement to draw attention to the eyes without going over the top. Or for those who are just getting started with eyelash extensions. If you have a ton of natural lashes or enjoy the natural look, classic would be a great option for you!

Volume -  Is a technique where multiple individual extensions are bundled together to form a thin based fan. The fan is typically made with 2-6 lashes and is adhered to one single natural lash to give a fuller, fluffier result. The weight of each extension within the lash fan is significantly thinner than classics, making the fan lightweight and healthy for the natural lash. Volume can be as natural or dramatic as you choose. A fan that only has 2 lashes will give a more natural fluffy result, whereas a fan that has 6 extensions will give a more dramatic result. .

Hybrid -  The best of both worlds! A 50/50 mix of Classic and Volume lashes. Receiving the fluffiness of a volume service with the piecey effect of a classic lash set, this dream duo offers a textured and dense effect. It is the perfect style for those who have been getting Classics and are ready for a little more or those who want volume type lashes without going fully bold.

You can take your styling further by deciding what kind of shape you would like to achieve. Think of it like contour for the eyes. Is there an area you would like to correct or accentuate?


A few standard options to choose from are:

Cat Eye - Longest lashes are on the outer corner of the lash line to give a sultry look.

Open Eye - Longest lashes are in the middle to open the eyes.

Natural Eye - Following the natural shape of the eye.

Squirrel Eye - Longest lashes are at the arch of the brow then drop dramatically in length for the very outer corners.

Textured/ Wispy - A textured lash set is achieved by mixing different lengths, curls, and diameters throughout your set to give a staggered and edgy look.

How do you ask the artist what you want?

In the lash world there are no limits to styling the perfect lash set, you can get as creative and detailed as you like. But how do you explain your vision to your lash artist? 

Photos are a great way to visually show exactly what you are looking for. 

This will get you both on the same page and bring you one step closer to achieving your lash goals. 

Everyone has different versions of what they think is natural and dramatic, so simply saying you'd like a natural lash style could mean anything. This is why it is best to show photos of the styles you like best.

To help you and your artist further, sending them an inspiration picture before your appointment is a great idea. Some artists may not offer certain lengths, styles, curls etc. By sending them a picture with a brief explanation of what you would like could give them enough time to ensure they have the necessary supplies and save you from being disappointed at your lash appointment.

Keep in mind that all eyes and lashes are different. You may want a full, bold, dramatic look but if your natural lashes cannot hold this without the potential for damage, your artist will let you know what is more achievable.


Maintenance of Lashes

Lashes are a semi-permanent service, therefore maintenance is required to keep them looking full and beautiful at all times. Fills are often required every 2-3 weeks. Why? Our natural lashes grow and fall out, constantly. This process is known as the Lash Cycle. We shed approximately 5 natural lashes, everyday. This means that our extensions are growing and shedding with the natural lashes. Some lashes will shed and new natural lashes will take their place while other lashes will have grown with the natural lash. The further the natural lash grows, the more top heavy the extensions become. With time, the extensions will grow so far up the lash that they begin to topple over or twist and turn. This is a sure sign it is time for a fill as that extension will need to be removed and have another extension applied in its place. It’s a great idea to book fills constantly, perhaps pre-booking at each service. Artists usually require 40-50% retention, this allows the extensions to always look their best and keeps fills at a manageable timing and pricing (no need to pay for a full set, every time).

Concerns - FAQ

What happens if I experience a reaction?

Although reactions are rare, they do occasionally happen. A reaction will typically appear 24-48 hours after your lash appointment. Symptoms include redness, itchiness and in more severe cases, swelling. If you experience a reaction it is highly recommended to first, remove the lashes right away. Usually once the products have been removed, the irritation quickly goes away, however, if problems persist, seek medical attention.


How do I take care of them?

Your artist should walk you through the proper aftercare steps at your first appointment with them but in the meantime, here are a few important aftercare steps: 

  • Don't get lashes wet for the first 24 hours, unless a bonder is used post service which allows you to get your lashes wet right away
  • Clean lashes twice every day with lash cleanser and brush (concentrating at the root)
  • Avoid heat and steam from ovens, bbq’s, saunas and steam rooms
  • Avoid waterproof makeup and oil based makeup removers, the artist should have a lash safe cleanser for retail
  • Don't face plant your pillow when you sleep
  • Don't tint, perm or curl your lash extensions (including eyelash curlers)
  • Keep them pretty and full by getting regular fills every 2-3 weeks.
  • Avoid the base area of the extensions when brushing